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07 August 2008 @ 02:00 pm
First icon post ever! :D I've been making icons for a long time, but ... I've always been too lazy to actually make an icon community and post them. This changes today!

Sorry for all the x-posting!

The next batch will be smaller. (:

x9 - Final Fantasy VII (& AC, DoC, CC)
x7 - Final Fantasy IX
x6 - Final Fantasy X
x8 - Final Fantasy X-2
x1 - Final Fantasy XIII
x4 - Kingdom Hearts
x11 - Kingdom Hearts II
x26 - Naruto
x5 - Fullmetal Alchemist
x7 - Death Note

84 icons in all

and i know that it's never really overCollapse )
03 August 2008 @ 06:20 pm
Icon-related journals/communities only! Comment on this post if you'd like to affiliate with romanticiize.

Affiliation is currently open.

affiliates under here! :DCollapse )
03 August 2008 @ 03:33 pm
Here's a list of people that I downloaded my resources (textures, brushes, patterns, etc.) from. If I forgot you, feel free to comment and I'll add you right away. :)

resources here!Collapse )